Make The Vision Plain Ministries (MTVP Ministries) is a twofold God inspired ministry. The 21st Century Leadership Development courses are designed to train pastors and church leaders to move their mission/vision statements forward using leadership development skills and management tools. MTVP Ministries Leadership Development Courses will help churches to build effective ministry teams to fulfill God's Great Commission. 

Make The Vision Plain Ministries (MTVP Ministries) teaches married couples the various stages of marriage and how to move from a marriage that is self centered to one that is God centered. Couples learn through a retreat, seminar or workshop setting how God's Word can show church couples how to communicate, resolve conflict, overcome stress and build their mates self esteem. Couples will develop a clear understanding of God's definition of married couples becoming 'One Flesh' and how their marriage can honor God.

Read 'About Us' to see our Mission, Vision and Value statements and then look at our 'Courses Descriptions' page to review  our exciting, interactive and thought provoking 21st century training courses. 

James and Julia thank you for your interest in Make The Vision Plain Ministries (MTVP Ministries) and look forward to assisting you with all of your leadership and married couple training requirements. 

About Us
Course Descriptions